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12/09/2017 19:09
Environmental Educator   This month has been extremely quiet in terms of visits. There have been no schools or groups coming to the centre, but I made a visit to Alternative Education in Kawerau who hope to plan a trip out to our centre later this year. My highlight for this month is...

Manawahe Eco Trust

12/09/2017 19:01
Annual General MeetingTuesday 26 September6.00pmAt MECCAll welcomeJoin us and share light meal

Environmental Educator Update July 2017

07/08/2017 14:37
Trident High School sent their Year 10 class to the Manawahe Eco Centre for a three day camp in preparation for their five week visit to Great Barrier Island. These students have themselves chosen to beinvolved in the outdoors and environmental care and as a result are a very motivated and capable...

Environmental Coordinator Update July 2017

07/08/2017 14:22
We are planning to extend our trapping lines to protect the southern and eastern borders of the Manawahe corridor.  Matata School is also interested in running a trapping programme in their area which will help protect the Northern boundary.As a first step MET has just installed a new trap...

July meeting of the Manawahe Eco trust

05/07/2017 13:57
The next meeting of the Manawahe EcoTrust is at the Eco Centre * Tuesday 25 July at 6.30pm * We'll be providing hot soup * You are all welcome to  attend

Environmental Coordinator Update June 2017

05/07/2017 13:52
MET volunteers  carried out a post treatment rat monitor on the main Cell Tower block and in Pickford's and was pleased withthe zero rat and 2% mouse indices. Interesting that the mouse index collapsed from 58% in the pre poisoning monitor and this is either due to our poisoningor perhaps a...

Environment Education Update June 2017

05/07/2017 13:40
This month we hosted a group of 17 young conservationists, students from Whakatane and Opotiki, as the start of an inaugural pilot program called Katiakitanga Kadets. Throughout the weekend they learned about trap lines for predator control (caught a large dead furry ferret, 3 rats and a large...

Monthly Update April 2017

04/05/2017 13:45
Environmental Educator Report The main event for this month was the Manawahe Multisportrace for secondary schools. Thirty seven teams from five different secondaryschools participated in this race during the pouring rain. This was an entrylevel race and for many of the participants this was their...

2017 Bunny Hunt

03/04/2017 08:30
Sunday 14 MAYRegister between 9 and 9.30am

Monthly update March 2017

03/04/2017 07:54
Environmental Educator report  Our biggest visiting school group this month was St Joseph's School from Opotiki, who brought their years 1, 2 and 3, a total of 50 studentsand 22 adults. The children started with a story game where they learned about the perfect harmony between the trees, birds...
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