Environmental Coordinator Update July 2017

07/08/2017 14:22

We are planning to extend our trapping lines to protect the southern and eastern borders of the Manawahe corridor.  Matata School is also interested in running a trapping programme in their area which will help protect the Northern boundary.

As a first step MET has just installed a new trap line on Graeme Leaming's property. The idea was
to fill in a gap between the Kokako block and McIvor Rd and bolster up the Southern boundary. Thanks to Graeme and Byrdie for taking on this project.

Our next proposal is to start putting trap lines along Braemar Rd and Herepuru Rd. We can only grow with the support of our dedicated volunteers and we would like to welcome and thank our new volunteers Toby
Rutter,  Mano Todero and Steve Johnn .

Our upcoming events are a rat monitor throughout the cell tower area in late August followed by a poison bait day in early September, followed by another monitor.

We are continually trying new things and salmon spray is the latest tool to try and lure the wily stoats into our traps. Will keep you posted on how this goes.

If you are interested in helping with trapping or with any of our activities please let us know.

Contact Peter - 012 0395370