Forest and Bird join Predator Free Manawahe

09/05/2018 15:02

MET is well on the way with the Northern Corridor Protection project with several new lines of DOC 250 traps already catching predators coming in
from it's North/north Western end. A big thanks to Chrissy Weeks and Brent Mountfort for managing these lines.

However - having just lost another of our two fabulous volunteers (not literally 'lost' - just retired) we are very aware that traps like the DOC 250
are effective but limited by people to service them; therefore they can not be our only tool in achieving a predator free corridor.

Forest and Bird have agreed to join us on a project using A24 self resetting gas traps to protect some 1.7km of bush just north of the Cell Tower that
is too rugged for regular maintenance. The A24 Goodnature gas powered traps resets for 20 kills before being required to be maintained by a volunteer. They
are also light to install so are a great option for this block

Forest and Bird is making this grant as a contribution to Predator Free 2050 and the Predator Free Manawahe Corridor. Both these targets will only be
achieved by diversifying our Predator Free 'Tool kit' and by the collaborative efforts of organisations like Forest and Bird, so a big thanks to them for
their support.

If you would like to help protect our Manawahe bush please let us know. We require trappers for our existing lines - particularly locals whose legs can
handle a few little hills. This is a commitment of a few hours once a month.

We are also keen to recruit visionaries who would like to be involved in achieving a Predator Free Manawahe Corridor - from the Lake to the Sea.

Please phone Peter - 304 940

Development Coordinator  - Manawhe Eco Trust