Monthly update January 2017

07/02/2017 20:18

Education report    

Trident High School Prefect training took place January 25, 26 and 27 and from all accounts was extremely successful. The Deputy Principal visited and is keen to further utilise the facilities.

 Halo plan to set up a training course for young volunteers (8-15 years) and part of this training will happen at our Eco Centre. Their next meeting was
2nd Feb. 

Staff from Otakiri school have expressed interest in a year long programme using the Eco Centre, with maybe a visit each term.

9 February (evening) - Chrissy Weeks has planned a Woman Farming Support
group meeting.

1 March - Kiwi2 have booked our venue in the morning for a

9 March - Lamb and Beef workshop. 

Quiet time for educational visits but understandable at this time of the school year. Planning for the Inter school Adventure Race in early April will begin very soon.

Liddy Bakker; email:  Ph: 0275699022 and check us out on Facebook!

Development Co-ordinator's report

As the New Year gets under way I have begun going round the lines servicing trapscompleting
the Karaponga line and fixed the worst of the cell tower 1-12 line traps.

A number of our traps are quite old now and I have met with Dave Paine about progressively
replacing them as the repairing takes a good deal of time. He has agreed to supply new 250s, so early in 2017 I will get a programme of progressively replacing the worst ones.

Feral cat sightings seem to be high at present (I saw 2 at Karaponga and one was also
killed in a trap) and I have arranged with the Regional council to trial some new kill traps and I will pick these up next week.

Trident High School had a successful Prefect camp that I facilitated.

I will be in touch with our volunteer trappers soon as we plan a BBQ/'meet and greet' -  the first weekend in March.  

Peter F