Kokako researching with your help. Adopt a pair?

22/08/2014 19:14

Hello Friends of MET

This is just an update about some exciting activities that are getting under way in Manawahe.

Manawahe Kokako Trust has teamed up with a variety of organisations and obtained funding to find out why the Manawahe Kokako population is seemingly declining. There are many possibilities, not enough females, genetics, wrong food for chick rearing etc. and an answer is needed before the problem can be addressed.

So they have brought in some experts and some fancy equipment (ropes and ladders mostly and some cameras)

Soon Bruce Bancroft will be heading out to locate nests and when they are located the nests will need to be monitored with both cameras and volunteer eyes.


This could be you.

The role of the nest minders will include adopting a nest and observing it once a week for an hour or so to gauge behaviour and record what they see. They will report back to a volunteer coordinator who will ensure all data is captured. Cameras will require servicing as well and could possibly be done by nest minders i.e. replacing batteries and memory cards.


So if you'd like to adopt a Kokako pair for the season and see these amazing birds up close, please email us at manawaheecotrust@gmail.com 
Thanks Fran