Monthly Update - April 2016

27/04/2016 22:00

Peter F, Biodiversity Development Co-ordinator.

We are now down to one check per month and have been catching a few ferrets which may be related to declining rabbits as winter approaches. We still need more volunteer trappers to assist spreading the load.

 There is a new stoat trap on the market which is a supercharged snap trap that has approval for use against stoats but not for ferrets and cats. The main advantage is the cost as they are around $20 complete with tunnel. Check this link unfortunately not strong enough for cats and ferrets. This is a much cheaper and safer option for landowners who want a few simple traps that will control rats and stoats than the DOC 250 trap

MET has two big events coming up! The baiting day is the 30th April and volunteers will be filling about 300 bait stations with Pindone to keep rats and possums down over the winter. If you are keen to help ring Peter 3049404.

The other big event is our annual Bunny Hunt Sunday 1 May at the Manawahe Ecological Community Centre. Over $1000 of prizes and competitions for everyone to just come along with their collection of deceased pests.

Liddy, Environmental Educator.

The correspondence school came for a visit. They travelled all the way from the Waikato and Ruatahuna to come to our centre. It was very rewarding to see people that live in remote bush areas care so much for conservation.

The other highlight is the ‘Spick and Span’ Education Centre. Thanks so much everyone that helped during the working bee.

The new more adventurous trapping track on the centre grounds has paid off. We have caught many rats and a couple of large ferrets!

Still looking forward to the Manawahe Monthly Morning Tea being held at MECC on June 15th.