Monthly Update July 2016

27/07/2016 16:18

Peter F,  Biodiversity Development Coordinator

Stoat Trapping

We are now down to one check per month and have been catching a few ferrets which may be related to declining rabbits as winter approaches. We still need more volunteer trappers to assist spreading the load.

There is a new stoat trap on the market which is a supercharged snap trap that has approval for use
against stoats but not for ferrets and cats. The main advantage is the cost as they are around $20 complete with tunnel. Check this this link unfortunately not strong enough for cats and ferrets. This is a much cheaper and safer option for landowners who want a few simple traps that will control rats and stoats than the DOC 250 trap

Liddy B,   Environmental Educator

Despite the fact that July is a cold month in Manawahe, we have seen various groups visiting and even camping out at the Eco Centre. The students from Tarawera High school have been back to check on their traps in Gray's bush block. The new Victor traps caught one rat, which is encouraging.

Edgecumbe College brought out their GATE students for a day of Environmental Education and team building
activities.  They were the first group to try out the Archery set.

Around 20 cubs from various scouting groups braved a frost and tented on the rugby field. They had a great time. You might have heard them singing around the fire on Saturday night, because they had quite some volume!

6 hour race 2016

A date is set for the next Manawahe 6 hour race.  Put the 5th of November in your diary. The course is being developed as we speak as we are busy approaching landowners for possible access though their farms.

Upcoming visits

27-28th July, Trident Year 10 Camp.

10th August, Teaching numeracy in outdoor education workshop.

Liddy Bakker; email:  Mobile: 0275699022 

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