About Us

The  Manawahe Eco Trust  (MET) is a community-based group which shares the vision of creating an ecological corridor by linking the diverse native habitat fragments between Lake Rotoma and the Matata coastline. Our activities are largely focused on the protection of the native bush and its inhabitants from animal pest species and the development of an eco-centre which will provide a hub for educational and recreational activities in the corridor.


Our Vision


To protect and enhance the native ecology of the area

By caring for native biodiversity - from the kokako through to the fungi - we aim to restore the corridor to a continuation of healthy interactive ecosystems.

Environmental Education

To utilise this nationally recognised biodiversity treasure for environmental education.



To increase the opportunity for recreational enjoyment of the Manawahe bush and the treasures within.



Manawahe Eco Trust  (MET)

The Manawahe Eco Trust was formed to manage the Manawahe community’s interest in improving biodiversity in native forest on private land at Manawahe. It is a registered charitable trust and currently has five trustees partnered with significant voluntary support from local community members.
The Manawahe Eco Trust and its volunteers are committed to managing and enhancing the biodiversity of the area. The conservation of our native flora and fauna is carried out by way of pest control and providing advice and information to local landowners.  Our commitment also extends to the environmental education of local students and the nurturing of their continued involvement with regards to conservation. The Trust works with local schools to ensure environmental education opportunities can be maximised locally.  Specific modules are tailored to give a local context which increases the relevance of the material for students.
The Manawahe Eco Trust  employs an Environmental Educator, Liddy Bakker, who is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge, experience and expertise.  She has a broad knowledge and skill base, which will cater for students through to high school and will be able to meet their curriculum requirements up to unit & achievement standards for NZQA.  The Manawahe Eco Trust use various projects as a way to inspire an interest in conservation with local high school students.